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Nordstrom is a luxury clothing and footwear chain of department stores. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The department stores are well regarded for this variety of clothes, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances and accessories. The stores also usually have in-house cafes and espresso bars.

The company was founded at the turn of the 20th century. Jon W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin initially planned for the store to sell shoes, however, it soon expanded to include clothing and other accessories. Over the years the company has also expanded to offer home furnishings and wedding items in select stores.

The department chain has 380 stores located in 40 of the 50 states in North America. They also have locations in Canada and Puerto Rico. The department stores are generally divided into “full-line” or “rack” stores. The company also features an online store, and does a great deal of business through ecommerce these days.

Job benefits for employees include basic medical coverage and a gym membership. Vision and dental coverage is also available for certain positions. All employees receive a discount on merchandise. The company also will match your 401k plan for retirement. Paid time off and flexible spending accounts are also available for full-time positions.

The fashion specialty retailer is regarded by most employees to foster a positive work environment. Employees observe that it’s a fair company with a quality benefits package. In 2018, Nordstrom was named a Best Company for its Work-Life Balance. It has also been acknowledged for its diversity and operations.

How old do you have to be to work at Nordstrom?

The company will hire individuals age 16 years and older. Both part-time and full-time positions are available at this age. Management openings and positions at its headquarters in Seattle may prefer those 18 years or older.

Nordstrom Careers

The company categorizes their careers into positions available at their retail stores, warehouses, restaurants and headquarters. Most of the entry-level positions are available at the retail stores, restaurants and warehouses.

Cashier: The cashier provides a positive, final checkout experience for the customer. Serving at the point of sale, the cashier assists customers not only at the register but also over the phone. The goal is to checkout the customer quickly while also listening to any customer needs. The applicant should also have a knowledge and understanding of current fashion trends and products.

Retail Stock & Fulfillment: The retail stock and fulfillment position works in the backroom of the store to receive and unload freight. The new merchandise is then taken to the sales floor and stocked. The ideal candidate is able to work independently and also detail oriented. Some custodial duties also necessary. Customer service skills are also required for the position.

Store Operator: A store operator delivers exceptional customer service. They respond quickly and accurately to incoming calls regarding questions and concerns about the retailer or its products. The operator must answer all calls in a professional and courteous way. They serve as the primary resource for customers and employees.

Retail Sales: The salesperson should be passionate about fashion and knowledgeable about the latest trends. They interact with customers to help them find the right products and even offer tips on style and fitting. The salesperson helps sell the company’s rewards program and other promo events.

Salesperson Rack: A salesperson assigned to a rack works in a certain department. They generally have advanced knowledge of the department they serve yet may also fill-in for other departments with an employee shortage. A salesperson rack team member will help direct customers to a fitting room. They also sort and return unwanted clothing back to the sales floor.

Restaurant Server: A restaurant server is committed to excellent customer service first and foremost. They also must be self-motivated and prepared for a fast-pace work environment. The ideal candidate will become knowledgeable about all items on the menu when serving customers. It may include making suggestions on the menu as well as assisting other team members in the restaurant.

Chef: The chef is trained in-house to learn all the job duties of being an efficient cook. The kitchen staff will be composed of various team members and can advance to a lead chef position. The chef cooks traditional menu items along with seasonal specials. They also must always ensure a clean and safe kitchen.

Restaurant Cashier: The cashier inside the in-house restaurant will work at the point of sale. They are also self-motivated individuals that like interacting with people and can remain friendly even under a demanding work environment. The restaurant cashier should also be knowledgeable regarding the items on the menu. They may also assist other team members with their duties.

Administrative Assistant: The administrative assistant interacts and supports sales team members on a daily basis. Their objective is to improve sales and the overall customer experience at the retail chain. They are well aware of the goals and sales projections of the store. The admin assistant helps in a variety of ways and must be flexible, including help in the backroom and sales floor.

Divisional Store Manager: A divisional store manager is tasked with the daily operations of a store and management of its employees. A good divisional store manager should train and continue to motivate its team members. They also closely analyze sales and consistently seek to find innovative ways to improve profits. Excellent customer service skills are also necessary.

Nordstrom Application

It is easy to apply for a position with the company. They post all openings on their Careers page. Search by job category, location or job type. If a position is not available in your area, check back frequently as they constantly update new vacancies.

The company accepts online applications. Find a position you would like to apply for under the search page and click on the position title. A complete job description of the position will then become available along with an icon to apply. Click on it and follow the online instructions.

You will need to create an account with the company in order to apply online. A valid email address is required along with a password. Create a password that is unique and write it down in case you do not complete the application in one sitting. Allow for at least a half-hour to complete the necessary steps. Besides that the online application is fairly straightforward.

Applicants may attach a resume and cover letter to the online application. It is always a good idea to include both in order to separate yourself from the pack. The company receives plenty of applicants so spend some extra time to make sure you stand out. Highlight all relevant job experience and related job skills on the resume.

After you apply, wait for a few days before you follow up with the company. They will contact you if interested in an interview. The standard advice for a job interview applies here. Dress formal (the company is luxury chain retailer) and prepare answers for a few questions you may get asked.

Things To Know About Nordstrom

The company values a culture that takes social responsibility. They seek to reduce an impact on the environment and like to give back to the community. Among the company’s benefits, it will match charitable donations an employee makes to a non-profit. The company also seeks to create a fair and safe workplace.

The company is regularly featured in the news for its Employee Charitable Match and Volunteer Program. The program offers up to $5,000 annually for each employee that contributes funds or volunteer time to a qualified non-profit. They also receive a lot of publicity during their six annual sales events.

Nordstrom has a reputation for creating a diverse workplace. It seeks to have people from all demographics contribute to its sale of clothing, handbags, jewelry, footwear and accessories. Since it is considered a luxury chain, prices may be higher here than other retailers yet the quality of its products are often fantastic. Many customers also like getting a coffee or meal at their in-house restaurants.

The two primary social efforts the company is involved with is charitable work and donations along with protecting the environment. They support hundreds of non-profits every year. Its environmental efforts are contributing to the overall sustainability of the world.

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