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Mellow Mushroom is a unique pizza restaurant chain that is known for their funky 1970s decorative style. Mellow Mushroom specializes in pizzas, but they also offer hoagies, salads, calzones, unique appetizers, and a large beer selection. The chain is unique because they also offer plenty of food options for guests that are vegetarian or have gluten restrictions, too.

In 1974, Marc Weinstein, Mike Nicholson, and Rocky Reeves founded Mellow Mushroom in Atlanta Georgia. The first employee founded franchise opened in 1980, and all future franchises were customer owned. Mellow Mushroom is a popular restaurant because of its iconic and unique designs that create a fun dining environment.

Mellow Mushroom offers some benefits to its full time and part time staff. Some of the benefits offered include performance bonuses, employee discounts, flexible scheduling, and, for some employees that meet company requirements, a health insurance option.

Many employees say they like working at Mellow Mushroom because they enjoy the team they work on, and they really like the employee discounts on their delicious food items. Also, many of the positions in the restaurant chain are offered tips, and they get to interact with guests.

How old do you have to be to work at Mellow Mushroom?

People that are interested in applying to any of the positions offered at Mellow Mushroom restaurants must be at least 18 years old at the time of their application. Many positions require you to serve or be around alcohol, and individuals under 18 may not be near alcohol.

Mellow Mushroom Careers

Because Mellow Mushroom is a restaurant chain with over 150 stores, many of the job positions they offer are in the kitchen or in the front of the house. If you are comfortable working in either of those areas, keep reading for more information on the jobs offered.

Server: The Server should be a person that is upbeat and outgoing because they deal with the customers every day. This position is responsible for taking orders, communicating orders to kitchen staff, and delivering orders to the customers.

Pizza Baker: The Pizza Baker is responsible for creating the delicious pizzas that Mellow Mushroom is known for. The Pizza Baker preps pizza ingredients, creates the dough, clean and maintain kitchen equipment, and they prepare ingredients for pizzas and other food items.

Cook: The Cook prepares ingredients for the kitchen, and they are responsible for helping craft hoagies, calzones, pizza toppings, appetizers, and desserts. The Cook cuts, slices, and prepares ingredients, and then the execute the pre-approved Mellow Mushroom recipes.

Kitchen Manager: The Kitchen Manager is the leader for the kitchen staff. They manager daily operations, check on inventory, create sales reports, push dining promotions, and they help the front of house staff with an customer support they may need.

Bartender: The Bartender should enjoy working with customers and staff, and they work to prepare the alcoholic drinks for the entire bar and restaurant. Bartenders are responsible for checking IDs, maintaining bar inventory, follow food and alcohol policies, and keep their work space clean.

Dishwasher: The Dishwasher is an important member of the Mellow Mushroom team because they ensure that all of the dishes, utensils, and kitchen tools are clean. This position helps with the kitchen flow, ensures a clean dining environment, and they can assist the kitchen staff during busy dining hours.

Host: The Host is the first person customers are greeted by when entering the restaurant, and, as a result, the Host creates the first impression of the restaurant. Also, they answer the phones, help with reservations, check tables for cleanliness, seat guests, and provide guests with menus.

Bar Back: Mellow Mushroom states that this is the position that will lead to the Bar Back running the bar on their own. The Bar Back helps maintain a clean bar space, help with cleaning dishes, restock the bar inventory, and refill ice as needed at the bar.

Prep Cook: The Prep Cooks assists with washing and chopping vegetables, preparing meat, and create sauces for dishes. The Prep Cook is expected to follow all food safety handling policies, and they should label, date, and safely put away all food items. Also, they help with keeping the kitchen clean.

Busser: The table busser cleans all of the tables in the restaurant after guests have finished their meal. They clear away dishes and deliver those to the dishwasher. They dispose of all trash, and they make sure the dining space is clean by wiping down tables, sweeping, and brushing off seating.

Mellow Mushroom Application

Because Mellow Mushroom is a restaurant run by many franchise locations, you have to apply to job positions that are specifically advertised on the individual franchise’s website that is hosted on the Mellow Mushroom site.

Mellow Mushroom accepts online applications and in person applications. Again, it is highly recommended that you apply online because you can see what positions are offered at more than one store.

In order to fill out the online application, you need to select the restaurant locations that you would like to apply to first. Then, check each restaurants webpage, hosted on Mellow Mushroom’s network, to see what positions are offered. Once you have found a position you would like to apply to, either reach out to that store to see if the position is still available or follow the application directions.

Your resume should include your education and work history, especially if you have any experience working in restaurants. Also, make sure you have a digital copy of your resume that is formatted in an organized way for online applications, and, if you’re applying in person, make sure you have a few copies printed off.

Your interview could take anywhere from one day to two weeks depending on the position you are applying to and the needs of the restaurant. If you are a fit for the position, you will interview over the phone and in person with the hiring manager before being offered a position.

Things to know about Mellow Mushroom

Many employees say they enjoy working at Mellow Mushroom because of the fun working environment. They love working with their team, and the management staff is very helpful. Also, the restaurant chain is keen on making all customers feel welcome, and they like to incorporate unique designs in each store.

Mellow Mushroom is usually in the news because of their expansion programs, and they get a lot of recognition for making inclusive menus for gluten-free and vegetarian diners. Also, Mellow Mushroom participates and hosts community events, and many people attend and enjoy these events the pizza chain hosts.

Mellow Mushroom typically works to give back to the community that the restaurants are located in. For example, Mellow Mushroom recently hosted a fundraiser for the “Toms River Field of Dreams” where a portion of the proceeds from the night went to the fundraiser.

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