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The Piggly-Wiggly is a grocery store that offers a wholesale shopping experience. In addition to providing general supermarket amenities, the stores offers other company merchandise, such as t-shirts, hoodies, and other souvenirs. These novelty items can also be purchased online through the company’s official site.

The organization was founded in 1916 by Clarence Saunders in Memphis, Tennessee. Saunders revolutionized the grocery industry by becoming the first store to allow customers to navigate the store themselves, gathering desired items. They were the first store to offer checkout stands, price mark inventory, and provide shopping carts for customers. This format resulted in cost reductions which lead to overall lower prices.

Today, there are more than 600 stores boasting the hog-inspired company name. As a franchise company, each store is independently owned and operated, however, the company headquarters are in Keene, New Hampshire. Currently, the company operates stores out of 17 different states across the U.S.

The company offers competitive pay for all positions, as well as benefits including future planning and employee development. Managers and full-time associates may also take advantage of additional benefits such as health care coverage and paid time off. In addition, a chief priority of this company is concerned with hiring management from within. Stores often promote motivated and hardworking employees to fill upper-level positions.

In general, employee reviews of the company are satisfactory. The work-life balance ranks the highest in employee ratings of the work environment. Although the workday can become very busy at times, especially on a seasonal basis, associates also report a pleasant environment, strong sense of teamwork, and enjoy working alongside their co-workers.

 How old do you have to be to work at Piggly Wiggly?

With a variety of departments within each store, to meet the needs of its customers, a steady flow of workers is required. Workers provide customers with a positive and friendly supermarket experience. The minimum age for a position within the organization is 16 years old.

Careers at Piggly Wiggly

Piggly Wiggly looks for candidates who will play a fundamental role in achieving customer satisfaction. Both full-time and part-time positions are available with this company. Career opportunities range from cashier, to manager level roles, to cake decorators as well as grocery clerks.

Courtesy Bagger: The courtesy bagger greets and delivers exceptional customer service to customers checking out. Must have the ability to help with bagging groceries following the company’s procedures for bagging. Baggers may be asked to assist shoppers with carrying groceries to their car when necessary.

Cashier: The cashier scans all item and rings up transactions following the store’s policies and procedures. At times, the cashier may also be responsible for issuing refunds or redeem stamps and coupons. They must also greet all customers and provide a pleasant check out experience to ensure customer satisfaction.

Cake Decorator: The cake decorator must possess artistic ability and be able to ice and decorate various cakes based on customer orders. Will also be assist in packaging and labeling orders. Will be maintain a clean working environment at all times.

Meat Clerk: The meat clerk’s primary responsibility is to prepare meats orders for customers. Duties also include packaging various orders. Must also provide customer service and assist with customer questions and needs.

Produce Clerk: The produce clerk unloads produce shipments from delivery trucks and stores them in an organized fashion. They will check inventory and ensure that all items no packing slips have been delivered. Must be willing to clean and cut fruit as well as package and stock produce for sale.

Deli Clerk: The deli clerk delivers prompt and friendly customer service. Must be proficient at working with cheese and meat slicers and scales. Clerks will be required to follow store standards in regard to food preparation and deli product presentation.

Deli Manager: The deli manager must possess a thorough knowledge of the deli operations within the grocery environment. Must schedule deli associates to ensure an appropriate number of workers for all shifts. Will be required to use deli equipment and provide orientation and training to new deli clerks.

Manager on Duty: The manager on duty oversees store operations throughout their assigned shifts. They serve as the first line of contact for employee questions and concerns as well as any emergency that occurs in the store. Additionally, they should address customer needs in order to ensure exceptional customer service for all store visitors.

Assistant Store Manager: The assistant store manager assists in the planning and coordination of store activities. They will communicate performance achievements with staff standards and ensure that store goals are reached. Will also take the lead in providing exceptional customer service.

Store Manager: The store manager directs and manages overall store operations, as well as enforces all store rules and company policies. They are responsible for communicating store goals and ensuring that they are met.

Piggly Wiggly Applications

A link to employment information can be found on the company’s official site. Here, it is explained that Piggly Wiggly is a franchise company and all locations are independently owned and operated. Those interested in potential employment must apply directly at the location which they are seeking to work. A store locator can also be found on the employment information page on the official site. Online applications are not available.

The first step in securing a job is effectively navigating through the application process. First, applicants should use the online store locator to find the location nearest to them. When visiting the store to complete an application it is important to look presentable. Additionally, it is a good idea to prepare a copy of your resume or CV to bring with you.

More, the company wants to ensure that its employees can provide a positive supermarket experience for its customers. Therefore, it is important to show that you have what it takes to perform the job in this manner. During the interview process, always display a friendly and positive attitude when interacting with company representatives.

Facts About Piggly Wiggly

After serving local communities for over 100 years, there are many reasons that Southerners continue to shop this company for their grocery needs. This is so because the company continues to offer Southern specialties in its stores, where shoppers can find items from regional barbeque sauces to locally grown pickles. Every shopping experience makes customers feel like they are on a trip to the farmer’s market.

More and more brick and mortar stores across industries are closing for reasons that include the most recent recession as well as the popularity of online shopping. Yet it is reported that stores are continuing to be developed across the Southern and Midwestern United States.

The Piggly Wiggly brand is known as a supermarket chain that operates in the Southern and Midwestern part of the United States. It is also widely known for its memorable company name as well as its unique and distinct hog-inspired logo. The brand also features well known phrases such as “I dig the pig” and “big on the pig.”

As a franchise company with each store owned and operated independently, community outreach takes place in the local in the communities in which the stores are located. Additionally, many of the locations support local food panties by donating discontinued non-perishable food.

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Company: www.pigglywiggly.com

Careers: http://www.pigglywiggly.com/employment-info

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