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This company is an outside and sporting goods store. Some of the products they sell include camping equipment, travel products, and products that help you survive in the wilderness. The company owners love the outside life, so their products are a reflection of what they really value.

The company opened its doors in the year of 1938. The company was founded by Mary Anderson and Lloyd Anderson. They started the company because they wanted to help their fellow outdoorsmen’s by selling them quality outdoor products.

They started as a company to help the great outdoorsmen eighty years ago to a company that is now a hugely successful company with 150 stores. They have around 12,000 employees, and they have another 12,000 in other countries. Their headquarters is located in Kent, Washington.

Their worker’s love working there because their pay is good, they have healthcare, they have an incentive plan for their employees, and they have paid leaves, they even give their employees an outdoor six hour break just so they can rest and it is called a yay day the employees always look forward to this day.

As stated above the employees love how the company is focused on them and in return the employees use that on the customers that is why the company is so successful. The employees love their boss, and in return, the boss loves them and treat them like family as well. Whenever the new employees are added to the company, they are treated with love instantly.

How old do you have to be to work at REI

If you want to work there, you have to be at least 16 years old. Some positions in the company may require a high school diploma. If you want to work there, it is best that you wait until you are 18 you’ll have a stronger chance of getting hired.

REI Careers

Some of the available jobs are very easy to handle and do not require a lot of knowledge. When you apply for a job at the store, they want you to have a love for the great outdoors because that is the core of the business.

Cashier: you are to assist the customers, you have to ring up their products, keep your area clean, handle the customer’s returns, speak to the customers when they enter the store. You must also make sure the money in the cash register is correct.   

Sales Person: you are to sell the products to the customers, also sell memberships, keep the merchandise on the shelves, have knowledge about the outdoors and help keep the store clean. You must always do what the manager tells you to do.

Retail Security: you will assist in court whenever you are needed, help with emergencies, take training classes when needed, and be polite to all workers and members. You will also write up reports when needed.

Call Center: you will answer all calls and answer all questions, you will assist the members with any problem they may have. You will also assist new members and make sure they are satisfied with their new membership.

Human Resources: you will screen customers before they join, they become members, handle all paperwork, going through the whole process of when becoming a member, and you will do whatever your manager tells you to do.

Bicycle Technician: you must know how to work on bicycles, you will help customers to choose the correct bike for them, you will fix customers and members bikes when needed. You will order all parts needed to repair the bikes.

Payroll Associate: you are required to work with the financial division and handle payroll for the employees, you will have to verify all of the employee bonuses so they can get the payment they deserve.

E-commerce Associate: you must have experience working on websites and sales, you handle all of the online sales, this includes making sure the customers are satisfied with their purchase or their membership. You will initiate the shipping of their products as well.

Distribution Attendant: you will help pack up the products and ship them to the correct store. You are to handle all of the paperwork on the trucks that are coming in and the trucks that are going out.

Administrative Assistant: you are responsible for clerical work such as faxing things, printing things, making copies of things you may need for management. You will handle all of the company communications such as the reports, their memos and their emails. As an assistant, you will also take care of the company calendar and keep it updated.

Visual Sales Specialist:  you are to have experience in decorating because your job will require you to decorate the store and make the store products look more enticing to the customers. You will be working with the design team in the store and the marketing team as well.

REI Application

When you are able to apply for a job, it is best that you have a love for the great outdoors. You should have experience for whichever position you are applying for. So, whenever you decide to go to the store make sure you are dress appropriately and highlight your skills on your resume. Also, be sure that you wear the proper clothing in case they want to speak with you.

There is an application you can fill out online. Just go to the website and sign up for an account with them once you are done with that you are free to go to the position you want to apply for and fill out your information.

When you are applying for a job online make sure you fill out all of the information accurately. You may have to do assessments to see if you are qualified for the position you are applying for. So, always make sure you have the proper knowledge, and things should work out for you. Make sure you go over your work history thoroughly when you are fill-ing out your application.

As for your resume make sure you put all of your correct information on it. When you are making your resume you are suppose to try and sell yourself.And you can tell them about your hobbies and your interests. And make sure you have a personal statement for your resume.

As for the interview make sure you are prepared to answer all questions and make sure you are knowledgeable about the company. Just be calm and take your time when you are asked a question if you panic you can run the risk of running off the interviewer.

Things to know about REI

The culture of REI revolves around doing things outside. Being outside is where the company began, and that is how it will end. The working environment is fun, and the employees love it because it is like they are they at home.

For 43 years they have donated over 77 million dollars to charity to help keep the forest safe and protected. They partnered with women’s leadership and gave $1.5 to help women that are in the outdoor sector.

The company is known for their camping products, their hunting products, and their survival equipment but they are 100% against guns. As a result, they do not do business with any company who sells firearms they would also terminate all contracts of companies who promote firearms selling.

As for the social side of things they have a Facebook page you are free to go and follow them and ask questions. They have a twitter page where you can stay up to date with the company. And they have a LinkedIn account where you can see what is going on within the company.

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