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Verizon offers smartphones a network connection. Services provided include wireless calling, and a Wi-Fi connection on various devices. This includes phones, tablets, laptops, computers, TV’s, and more. Data plans are offered to customers, along with voice plans. Navigation services are offered as well. Also offered are discounts on technology.

Created in 2000, it formed by the merging of Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp. The company kept growing as it found new partners and collaborated with more corporations.  It was founded in Delaware. Their buildings have now spread all over the world, with over a million clients in global markets.

In 2018, it won a large amount of technology awards. These include highest in Wireless Network Performance, Best Mobile Network Services in 41/50 States, Readers’ Choice Top 50 Employer, and more. These were won because of the coverage and efficiency of the company. Their quality is consistent, and so is their improvement. In addition to this, Verizon has a diverse workforce. Good recruitment practices make the brand stand out.

Employees receive tuition assistance, discounts, and opportunities to join a variety of programs for their position. Amongst which are a paid leave for parents, discounts for gyms, and benefits that pertain to physical health. Included also are vacation days, holidays, and personal days.

People who work there enjoy the environment. There are many leads, and you get exposed to new information as you work. Employees get to have a flexible schedule and receive good rewards. Training is provided. The large number of discounts for employees sets this company apart.

How old do you have to be to work at Verizon?

At this network company, the minimum age to be considered for hiring is 18. There may be a few positions available for teenagers, but certain qualifications must be met. Standards are reasonably high.


Most positions require you to know how technology works and assist customers with buying decisions. Some positions are in sales, others are in customer service, and more are in technology.

Technical Customer Service Analyst: Help small businesses. Talk to customers through the phone, resolving issues. Find recommendations to customers based on their needs, report trends and help innovate products. Work experience is required for this job. Must have knowledge of the products that are sold in stores in order to know how they operate.

Sales Representative: Coaching small businesses through programs, calling customers and being responsive when they visit. Report on contracts, and know how to sell a product. Assist customers with finding solutions for their individual needs. Work with online customers. Relevant work experience is required. Must have a motor vehicle record.

Retail Sales Representative: Listening skills are a must for this position. Inform customers about new products that would make life easier for them, and bring in sales with a true appreciation of technology. Originality is necessary, building good relationships with customers is an important part of this job. Show customers how to use the products they purchase, so that they can use them efficiently.

Network Operations Technician: Monitoring communications, installing routers, making sure that products are fully operational. Perform testing and operate computers. Maintaining equipment, accessing networks and transporting systems. Using a computer to access software such as emails, spreadsheets, and documents. Additional tasks may be required.

Payroll Consultant: Make sure payments are completed on time, supporting customer service and work with HR to make sure all payments are completed legally. Work with an assigned team to make better the technology of the company. Prepare reports by a certain deadline, making sure that regular updates are processed.

Backend Java Engineer: Know technology trends and uses. Make sure that fixes are effective, work with the engineering team. Review codes and make sure that architectural patterns are reusable and working. Point out areas that are at risk, and create functionate new codes. Must have a degree in Computer Science.

Support Account Manager: Help customers with upgrades. Strong leadership, building on programs that already exist. Manage issues and respond to customer requests. Set up calls with customers to guide them through any difficulties they may have with their account. Must care about customers, offering them support and guidance as needed.

Tax Manager: Make sure taxes are payed by the deadline. Forming rates, helping make sure that customers and companies are consistent with their cooperation. Consider changes in laws, and look for ways to improve the taxing process. Preparing information on reconciliations and returns.

Regional Product Manager: Help with customer service, provide coworkers and customers with new information about products. Know about releases and be aware of any issues that come up. Cooperate with Product Management to know if there are features that better the experience of customers. Be on time and participate in meetings and discussions.

Creative Producer: Observing and having knowledge of the products that customers like. Partner with people to develop new scripts, products, and videos. Digital content is also developed in this position. Must be aware of the budget. Look for apps and webpages that apply to the creation of a new product that customers are likely to use.

Verizon Application

To apply, go on their website and look through jobs that interest you. There is a job description that comes with each application, as well as requirements that need to be met for that position.

There are online applications that can be accessed with ease, processes vary by store. It may help to ask the Hiring Manager of the particular store you choose to apply to for more information.

When filling out an online application, make sure to read through the requirements carefully. Personal information will be asked, as well as availability. Be sure to review the responsibilities that come with the job. Evaluate whether or not the position is a good fit for you.

In preparation for an interview, research the codes of conduct and different plans provided by the company. Have background knowledge, the devices sold, and be willing to undergo a background check. Know of the services they provide, and handle difficult questions with confidence.

Things to Know About Verizon

The work environment is very inclusive. Creativity and cooperation of the diverse employees help the company to reach new heights. They are unbiased, and celebrate the equality of minorities and women. Recognition is given to those who do well.

This brand holds themselves to high ethical standards and work hard to right any wrongs. News regarding Verizon is often inquisitive to their work, and they answer most of the questions people ask. The media has many good things to say. Informing the public of the contributions made to the community, and the continual growth of the company.

Known for their speed and wide coverage, this company has a reputation of excellent service. Where other brands don’t provide a signal, this one does. Customer service is also a major bonus. Excellence in service and in innovation, they keep moving forward.

Considering the needs of stakeholders and guaranteeing satisfaction, this is what helps a company to thrive. The company contributed to helping those impacted by natural disasters. Millions were helped by their service. They use technology to make sure that those who are in need of help can reach out to ask for it.

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Application: Applications vary by job.

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