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The story of Giant Food Stores is one that started out small in the beginning. Giant Food Stores began as a small meat market in 1923. The little meat market was founded by David Javitch in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Javitch bought another location in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, which he named Giant Shopping Food Center.

Giant Food Stores was founded by a man named David D.J. Javitch. Javitch who opened up a two-man butcher shop called Carlisle Meat Market. Carlisle Meat Market was a small meat market that was located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. In 1937, Javitch bought a store that he named Giant Food Shopping Center. The store offered customers dry goods and perishable food, which was a new concept during this time.

Giant Food Stores started out with just a small meat shop. It would go on to become a supermarket chain with various locations. The company operates under two banners, which are the Giant and Martin’s banners. They are operating 200 superstores and supermarkets.

Some of the benefits that Giant Food Stores do offer to those who work for them are these. They are no other than a 401K Plan, paid holidays and vacation, life insurance and disability, and paid sick leave.

People do like working at Giant Food Stores for several different reasons. One of these reasons is that the work environment is one that has a casual dress and atmosphere. Another thing is that all perspectives are welcome and valued.

How old do you have to be to work at Giant Food Stores?

Employees who work at Giant Food Stores have to be a minimum age of 16 years old to apply for entry-level jobs at this supermarket chain company. You can’t apply or work here at 14 years old.

Giant Food Stores Careers

Giant Food Stores believes that jobs should be more than just work. It is why they hire employees who have the same ideas, as they do, where employment and the workplace are concerned. Giant Food Stores has a wide variety of positions to suit newcomers to the working world or those trying to change their career path.

Warehouse Selector: The Warehouse Selector is directed by store orders and uses a voice-command headset to move about through the selected area using a battery-operated double pallet jack to pick cartons of different sizes, shapes, and weights from numbered slots and put them on a pallet.

Casual Warehouse Selector: A Casual Warehouse Selector work in 24-hour seven days per week Fresh Food/Produce Facility. Selectors handle store orders by using a headset that has voice-command, and they go through the selection area with a battery-operated pallet jack to manually pick cartons from numbered slots and place them on pallets.

Certified Pharmacy Technician: The Certified Pharmacy Technician is a professional who accurately reads, as well as, interprets and enters prescriptions into a computer system. They also correctly fill orders and make sure to route questionable prescriptions to the pharmacist.

CDL Class A On-Call Truck Driver:  A CDL Class A On-Call Truck Driver is someone who safely operates a tractor-trailer and delivers numerous products to an assigned route schedule. They use a positive and friendly attitude to build relationships and become familiar with their operations to meet needs and expectations.

Mechanic – Forklift: The Mechanic maintains, as well as, troubleshoots and repairs a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment that is within the warehouse and other outlying work areas. They also perform scheduled maintenance on various different types of mobile warehouse equipment such as forklifts and pallet jacks.

Category Analyst: The Category Analyst is responsible for supporting the Category Manager and the achievement of the departmental or category strategies and any initiatives through the management of vendors and much more. They also provide support to the Category Merchandising and Pricing teams.

Supervisor II, Transportation Operations: Supervisor II, Transportation Operations works among a team environment of dispatchers that coordinate the timely delivery of products from Giant’s Distribution Center to the chain of 168 stores that are in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and Delaware.

Pharmacist Scheduler: The Pharmacist Scheduler is responsible for reviews the work schedule and checks the supplies/equipment that is required to perform the work schedule. They also enter orders and plans work/production and supervises/trains Associates.

Overnight Stock Associate: The Overnight Stock Associate is someone responsible for receiving material into the store and getting it prepared to be on the store shelves. They also replenish shelves as needed.

Assistant Store Manager: The Assistant Store Manager makes sure that sales are maximized through excellent store conditions. They also handle competitive awareness, sales, and merchandising programs, and make sure that ordering is very active.

Giant Food Stores Application

The applicant can apply online, or they can apply at one of Giant Food Stores hiring centers for any job that has an open listing online. Applicants can make an online application or go to the hiring center to fill out an application form for any available positions.

The applicant has the choice to either fill out an online application for themselves by using the Giant Food Stores website, or they can fill out an application form at one of their hiring centers for open positions.

The applicant goes straight to Giant Food Stores official website and under the career tab section. Any available job openings can be viewed from the career section, and applicants can either fill out an online application or go to one of their hiring centers to put in a request for an opening.

One thing that the applicant should list on their resumes is only positions that they have held within the last ten to 15 years. It is because it doesn’t pay one to register jobs that are beyond this recommended time frame.

It is highly advised to know a lot about an organization that the applicant will be interviewing for, it is also highly advisable to ask a whole lot of questions at the interview, and the applicant should have a list of at least 20 items listed before actually going to the meeting. They should be the right questions only. Each and every question should be an essential question in its own way. The applicant should only choose items that will pertain to the job opening in general somehow.

Things to Know About Giant Food Stores

The culture for Giant Food Stores is a straightforward one. The company started out doing business as a small fresh meat market in 1923, and today, the company’s idea is to still employ new thinking with customers at the very heart of everything they do. They believe that a job should be more than just work and genuinely care about customers, colleagues, and communities.

GIANT Food Stores and MARTIN’S Food Markets donates 3,000 hams to local food banks in time for Easter. The event took place on April 02, 2019 and are an annual tradition for GIANT Food Stores. These ham donations support the company’s mission to end hunger in the communities.

Giant Food Stores is a grocery store chain in America. They operate stores that are in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. The chain operates under the banners of Giant and Martin’s.

Giant Food Stores donates to its needy neighbors in some ways under the Our Family Foundation. Our Family Foundation focuses on different initiatives to fight hunger, improve the lives of children, and build healthy communities.

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