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Petco has been around for 50 years and since then they have been really focused on great service for pets and their owners. They believe “Healthier Pets. Happier People. Better World.” The company was founded in 1965, though it has most definitely changed since then. Originally it was a mail-order business that sold veterinary supplies.

They have invested more that 200 million dollars to ensure the well being of pets everywhere. They also help place homeless pets with nice owners. In fact, they help find homes for more than 400,000 animals every year.

This company employees more than 26,000 people and has more than 1,500 locations across the country. They also have a branch of specialty stores called Unleashed that specialize in small community pet needs and are like a specialty animal pharmacy.

This company offers the standard benefits to their employees that include, dental, medical, and vision Insurance. They get 401k options, and legal and employee assistance programs. They also offer a number of paid time off days depending on the seniority within the company. Most of the benefits and paid time off does not go into effect until the employee has worked at the company for a year.

People tend to like working at this company because of their message and desire to bring healthy treatment to all pets and animals. This is one of the few jobs where they employee actually gets to work with animals making it a great job for anyone who loves animals or anyone needing experience with animals for their career.

How old do you have to be to work at Petco?

Every store requires the employee to be at least 18 years old, except in Alaska where the work age laws are different. In Alaska they are able to  employ someone as young as 16.  That is the youngest they will allow they are strict about these rules and will not employee anyone under 16.

Petco Careers

Guest experience specialist: The main duty of this job is to be a special guide for customers. The guest experience specialist is in charge of making sure the customers have an unparalleled experience and want to keep returning to the store. Typically the person that holds this job is someone who has a passion for animal care and is always friendly.

Merchandise operations specialist: The merchandise operations specialist is the employee in charge of setting up all of the products and displays. They are the ones who take the diagrams and desires from corporate and implement the ideas within the store physically. They are also in charge of making sure that the live animals within the store are well kept.

Aquatics specialist: The aquatics specialist is in charge of all of the aquatic life within the store. They must take care of all of the aquatic animals, like feeding and cleaning their tanks properly. They also give assistance and advice to any customer thinking about buy an aquatic animal.

This job enhances basic knowledge and can really push forward a career in this category.

Senior aquatics specialist: The senior aquatics specialist is in charge of teaching customers how to properly care for the aquatic animals. They help meet sales goals and make sure that everyone in charge of the aquatic animals are doing their jobs properly.

Management: The manager is in charge of everyone in the store, they must motivate and push sales goals. They must have a passion for leading a team and for taking care of animals.

Store leader: The store leader is in charge of directing employees and what their daily duties are, especially if there is not a manager around.

Groomers: Groomers take care of the live animals. Many people bring their dogs into the animal salon and the groomer is in charge of bathing and tending to their hygiene. They not only clean, but style the dogs hair and clip their nails, in whatever way the customer wants.

Grooming Salon Apprentice: The grooming salon apprentice is an entry level job that helps with the animal salon duties. This is a great stepping stone for a career in pet grooming. They help make sure each customer has a great grooming experience and they deal with paperwork and random tasks

Pet Stylist: The pet stylist is the person that steps in after the animal is bathed.  They are creative and skilled in styling cat and dog hair properly. They must follow the owners requests very closely and carefully.

Grooming Salon Leader: The grooming salon leader is the manager of the salon, they are in charge of everything within the scope of the salon and make sure the customers are happy and everything runs smoothly. This can be difficult with clients that are animals.

Veterinarians: There are many stores that offer  actual veterinarians that can service the customers pets, sometimes it is hard to find a vet or get access to a vets advice, so having one on site is a real coup. Obviously a vet has a college degree in their field and they offer many shift options and a program where the vet can choose their own time frame.

Petco Application

  • How to apply: In order to apply for a job at Petco the applicant must visit their website and fill out the application online.
  • When applying for a job it’s important to make sure all of the information within the application is accurate.
  • It’s also important to make sure that they formatting of the resume is what the company is looking for. Make sure the resume is formatted properly and is only one page.
  • Go over some standard interview questions and rehearse for the interview, make sure to dress up and answer the questions clearly and confidently.

Things To Know About Petco

This company has an affiliate program that allows customers to turn the website into a forum of income for themselves. Anyone with a website can place a link to this companies website and whenever someone clicks on that link and purchases something that person who posted the link will get paid. Though not anyone can just post the link the user must be enrolled in the program.  The user gets ten percent of each sale. This non-job can earn a person up to 50,000 in revenue a year.

This company offers many events like “Getting to Know Petco Careers” where they show off different careers to those who are interested. It is like a job fair but just for one company. They also showcase some of their partners and other employees.

Not only do they offer great paying jobs, they also offer internships through their summer internship program. This is a great way for college or high school students to get experience for future jobs and that might apply to their degree.  It’s a way to get experience in the retail world and the pet world. They teach the interns how to run a store, how to manage, sell and take care of animals.

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