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Little Caesars specializes in a variety of pizzas and has a special hot-n-ready menu. This is a feature that allows their specialty items to be picked up without ordering. They have standard pizzas and specialized pizzas, deep dish and Detroit style too.  Not only do they offer many styles of pizza they also serve wings and bread.This small pizza store was founded by Mike Ilitch and Marian Bayoff in 1959.

Mike and Marian Ilitch invested their life savings into their first pizza store in Garden City, Michigan. The two eventually married and continued pushing the growth of the store. The first store was called “Little Caesars Pizza Treat” and that store was open until October 2018.

This company is based in Detroit, Michigan, and headquartered in the Fox Theatre building. Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Ilitch Holdings, Inc. There are 5,463 locations and they were deemed the fastest growing pizza chain in the U.S. – based on the net number of stores added each year 2008-2015.

In 1985 the Little Caesars Love Kitchen was founded which was a traveling kitchen like bus that shared food to the hungry, homeless and disaster survivors.

In 1991 The Love Kitchen received the President’s Volunteer Action Award from President George H.W. Bush and then later from Bill Clinton.

They offer career planning, GED reimbursement, health benefits, counseling, dental and many 401k options.  There are also many discounts, like the child care discount, the commuter benefit, daycare flexibility and disability help.

Little Caesars is known for being a great place to work. They offer decent wages, and really good insurance and medical support and coverage. They have union employees and the employees are treated like humans rather than nameless drones. They serve the community and help thousands of people with their charity work.

How old do you have to be to work at  Little Caesars?

An employee must be at least 16 years of age. Not only must an employee be 16 years old, but they must also be able to handle stressful situations, they must be mature and level-headed. They must also have a positive attitude and be a good socializer.

Little Caesars Careers

Assistant Manager: The Assistant Manager is in charge of making sure everyone is working productively and everyone shows up to work.  They are focused on customer satisfaction and they deal with making sure everything is finished in a timely manner to maintain their fast reputation.

Crew Member:  A crew member is the most basic employee, they take the orders, run the cash register, and make the pizzas. They have to maintain a high quality of service and food. They also keep the work areas clean.

Restaurant Manager: The Restaurant Manager holds the whole workforce together, focuses on customer satisfaction and makes sure all of the rules and restaurant laws are followed. They watch and maintain the high quality of the products and enforce what is written in the training hand book.

Shift Manager: The shift manager is a step down from the manager and has less responsibility while retaining some prestige. The shift manager oversees the assigned shift and its transition.

Assistant manager : The assistant manager helps with a lot of the managerial duties. They work directly under the manager and can expertly deal with customer issues if the manager isn’t around.

General manager: The general manager oversees everyone at the one specific franchise. The general manager is in charge of everything that the store from money to following the corporate messages.  They give the orders down to the regular managers of the specific store and they make sure is everything is running smoothly. They are the conduit between the staff and the district manager.

District manager : The district manager is the next in line above the general manager. They typically rule over a few franchises that are close in proximity. They have multiple stores that they oversee.

Sign dancer: A sign dancer is someone who stands outside with a specific advertisement sign and they move and spin the sign to drum up more business.

General cleaner: The general cleaner usually cleans when the store is closed or durning the least busy hours. The general cleaner cleans the floors and counters, eating area and the bathrooms.

Little Caesars Application

  • How to apply? In order to apply to work at Little Caesars visit their website or go into the store and get an application.
  • It’s important to remember when filing or filling out an application that they are looking for the best candidate so make sure the resume being submitted is properly formatted and all of the information is clearly laid out. There shouldn’t be any spelling errors. Have someone proofread the application and resume to make sure its ready to submit.
  • When accepting an interview it’s important to arrive early, specifically fifteen minutes early is the earliest reasonable time without being to early or too late to make anyone uncomfortable.
  • Make sure that dressing up is a priority and bring along a hard copy of the resume and go over some questions that they might ask before hand.

Things To Know About Little Caesars

Little Caesars started the Veterans Program. The veterans program was designed to provide a way to transition honorably discharged veterans. They offer ways and help for them to open Little Caesars franchises that gives them a new civilian foundation.

Every veterans day Little Caesars offers veterans discounts on pizza with a free hot-n-ready combo and on October 22, 2018 they added the thin crust pepperoni pizza to the international menu for the first time.

What is the company know for? Little Caesars is known for ready to go hot and fast pizza

The owners of Little Caesars and founders have purchased the hockey team Detroit Red Wings (purchased by Mike and Marian in 1982) and the Detroit Tigers (purchased by Mike in 1992).  They brought hometown pride and many wins to the city.

The founders have been sponsoring amateur hockey since 1968 with Little Caesars AAA hockey teams which have won numerous titles. The Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League was created in 1978 to give children a chance to play hockey and it made a great platform for those who were good enough to get to the NHL.

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