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Jamba Juice is all about being a healthy business that serves up very healthy juices, smoothies, and bowls that are created with various good-for-you ingredients. They supply 250 million servings of fruits and vegetables yearly with good purpose and intentions.

Jamba Juice was founded by Dave Duffin in Orem, Utah. It was incorporated as Juice Club, Inc., in San Luis Obispo Jamba Juice did acquire all nationwide Zuka Juice, Inc. stores in October of 2001.

Jamba Juice is a company that has undoubtedly grown by leaps and bounds over the years. It started out with just one single store serving health juice and other products. Now, today, it is a business with more than 800 locations worldwide. They all spread the mission of nothing but healthy living.

Working for Jamba Juice does indeed have its advantages. Some of the benefits that go along with a job there do include the following. They offer 401K Plan, Employee Discount, Job Training, Sick Days, and lots more.

Jamba Juice is a working place that is clean and healthy. It also is one that offers each employee an experience that they will appreciate. The average working day is busy with friendly staff.

How old do you have to be to work at Jamba Juice?

The minimum working age to be at Jamba Juice during the time of hire is sixteen years old. The jobs offered for people of this age are usually entry level and are for team member positions.

Jamba Juice Careers

Jamba Juice is indeed a great place to work for people of all ages. They offer a wide range of jobs that are suitable for employees who come from different backgrounds. If an individual likes working in a healthy and clean environment, he or she will right at home in this company, with a job as a team member in food preparation, management, or customer service.

Team Member – The Team Member has a wide range of job duties. However, one of the most important of all things for him or her to do is this, and that is to be friendly with customers and fulfill their orders. Become knowledgeable about Jamba Juice products and service customers quickly and satisfyingly.

Assistant General Manager – The Assistant General Manager is responsible for carrying out all of the Shift Lead operations and guest experience duties. They also handle sales performance and execution of brand excellence in the store itself.

General Manager – The General Manager is also referred to as being the Restaurant Operations Manager. What the General Manager does is to oversee the team staff, as well as, to handle the management of Profit and Loss, store-level sales, and any financial side of the establishment.

Shift Lead – The Shift Lead position is responsible for handling all of the Shift Lead operations. They also tackle sales performance and the execution of brand excellence in the store when the General Manager or Assistant General Manager isn’t around at times.

Operation Services Director – The Operation Services Director oversees Franchise Services, and this includes Compliance and Guest Services. It also goes along with Operational support and technology. Product testing and roll-outs is also a part of this position.

Help Desk Support- The Help Desk Support Technician is someone who provides Level 2 technical assistance and support for POS Point of Sale Systems. This position manages many incoming priorities as well.

Communications Manager – The Communications Manager is the one that leads field communications and who is responsible for the development of communications tools for all of the appropriate brand audiences. He or she also handles various communication channels to deliver compelling content that is user-focused.

Graphic Designer – What the Graphic Designer does is to develop innovative and creative branding elements that have a key focus on designing digital and printed marketing materials that are of very high quality. This position is one that creates designs and graphics across all media that are smart, beautiful, and that have an impact.

Sr. Marketing Manager –  The Sr. Marketing Manager for Jamba Juice is the one who leads the development for the brand’s marketing objectives. The goal of this job is to fully support brand strategy overall and collaborate with the marketing and creative team to develop product briefs that outline the purpose for marketing projects.

Sr. Art Director – The Sr. Art Director is one that is able to develop powerful concepts and designs that are entirely rooted in brand strategy and consumer insights. The individual will collaborate, as well as, provide the right direction for internal creative resources.

Jamba Juice Application

A person can apply in person at a local store, or you can apply over the internet. The application is available online to print out if an individual wants to print out a form or you can apply at the company website.

There is an online application available for those who wish to apply for Jamba Juice jobs over the internet. The form can be filled out after searching through the open positions.

Fill out the job application to the very best of your ability and get it completed. It’s the most important of all tips. A complete application means that a person has finished the process.

Make sure that all of the information that is on a resume is updated and factual. If any job positions are listed, make sure details on what duties performed are available, as other pertinent data. Your resume should also be neatly typed and organized for overall visual effect.

The way, a person should dress for an interview is clear, and that is to wear business casual attire to match a relaxed corporate culture. Clothes should be clean and pressed, no wrinkly or dirty clothing.

Things To Know About Jamba Juice

The culture at Jamba Juice is one that is relaxed and very nice for both employees and employers alike. Working there is described as being one that is great with friendly co-workers, smooth shifts, simple job, the list goes on. It is a great place for all those who want simplicity.

Jamba Juice just opened up a new location in Phoenix on August 25, 2018. The company is slated to donate all the proceeds from the Opening Day to help enhance Encanto Elementary Education.

Jamba Juice is known for excellent and healthy food creation. Some of the healthy items on their menu do include Kale juice to acai smoothies to breakfast wraps to steel-cut oatmeal to beyond.

Jamba Juice does make an effort to team up with like-minded organizations to help make a difference with families, communities, and their guests. They offer BOGO FUNDRAISING CARDS and do fundraising events.

Application Links

Company: http://www.jambajuice.com/

Careers: http://www.jambajuice.com/connect-with-jamba/careers/job-listings

Application: http://www.jambajuice.com/images/www/tempIMGs/JambaApplication.pdf

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