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The gap started out as a single store with one concept. The one idea was to be able to provide a place to get a good pair of jeans with a commitment to do more. The do more is what they did achieve.  46 years later, the single store is now one global fashion business, and it has five specific fashion brands.

As was previously stated, the Gap started out as a single store, and that was back in 1969. The founders of Gap are no other than Doris and Don Fisher. The reason that the Gap was born as a store was simple. Don Fisher couldn’t find himself a pair of jeans that fit him okay.

The Gap is a global fashion sensation that has more than 3,100 stores that are in operation and company-owned across the planet. There is also close to 400 franchise stores besides. Also, there are a lot of e-commerce sites, and the chain is still growing.

The gap is without a doubt, an iconic brand, and being that it is so well known and diverse. It is always looking around for unique people to add to its potential in the workplace. The benefits of working for Gap are as endless, as are, the numerous opportunities it offers to employees from all backgrounds. Gap offers an excellent 401K Plan, employee discount, and health insurance.

The gap is one of the best of all places to work. Admittedly, it’s retail, there’s no getting away from that fact. However, a lot of employees like it for many reasons, and some of them include flexible schedules, opportunities for growth, employee recognition programs, and of course friendly staff.

How old do you have to be to work at Gap?

Applicants who are in search of work at Gap, in the capacity of Gap sales associates should be 16 years old that is at time of hire. Entry-level employment generally doesn’t carry no real or formal qualifications or requirements for hiring consideration.

GAP Careers

The people who work for Gap are as diverse as is the company itself. The gap is known for its versatility, and this extends to its fine line of job openings for people of all backgrounds. The design is indeed in the details of what makes Gap a tremendous professional place to work and be a part of every day.

Seasonal Sales Associate: A Seasonal Sales Associate is a position that generates sales and cultivates customer loyalty by making sure that customer relationships are formed and maintained. At the same time, makes sure, the store is neat, organized, and clean.

Sales Associate: A Sales Associate has many responsibilities in this position. Sales Associates are passionate when it comes to customer service. They are also knowledgeable when it comes to the latest trends, product features and benefits, and visual merchandising.

Seasonal Stock Associate: A Seasonal Stock Associate is a team player and is always there to help customers. They deliver customer service to increase sales, complete all tasks performed by the leader, makes sure that standards are met throughout the day and much more.

Seasonal Brand Associate: A Seasonal Brand Associate is passionate about apparel and about building long-lasting customer relationships. They also maneuver around the sales floor and stockroom. They keep all products folded, sized, and in stock. Promote products to others.

Director, Human Resources: The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the development, as well as, delivery of talent practices. These talent practices are focused on the Customer Data Specialist and Analytics Team. Also, to partner and collaborate with broader HR team about essential work efforts.

Director, Talent Acquisition: The Director for Talent Acquisition’s job is to develop and execute brand talent acquisition strategies and approaches in a partnership with the head of HR and other partners. A professional that elevates others to excellence and juggles a lot.

Designer, Trims: Designer of Trims is responsible for creating clean designs. It is done by establishing a core hardware language and getting annual design updates. Must also create stories that work around new trio palettes.

Designer: The Designer is responsible for managing the entire design process from idea to final styling for the assigned product category. The Designer works closely with the Design and Product Development team.

Administrative Assistant, Talent Strategy And Operations: The Administrative Assistant for the Talent Strategy and Operations division is a professional who handles the daily workflow for the Vice President of this division. This means planning, prioritizing, and organizing diversified workflow.

Merchandise Assistant: The Merchandise Assistant’s function is to be the operational and administrative support to both the Buyer and the Assistant Buyer. Some of the other assigned duties include inputting purchase orders, making sure for the timely delivery of merchandise, and lots more.

GAP Application

Applying to work at GAP isn’t hard at all to do. It can either be done by using online or getting an application from a store location.

GAP accepts both types of applications. These two are done by signing up online and creating a profile or by just picking up an application from a specific store.

If filling out an application form from a store, fill out everything in detail, and also remember to include the position title that is being applied for overall. The very same can be said about the online process.

Make sure that any resume that is used as part of the application process is current and up to date in every way.

Preparing for the interview process should be done positively and calmly. Be ready to answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability.

Things To Know About GAP

GAP is a company that makes clothes. However, the culture of it isn’t just about this, it’s also about equality. They are also a company of people and about people. GAP and its people are making the world an equal place for all.

GAP has had a lot of newsworthy events going on in its lifetime as a company. One of these newsworthy events was no other than a study being done at more than two dozen Gap stores in Chicago and San Francisco aim to rebut the assertion that stable job schedules are too costly. The study was conducted with the company’s cooperation with researchers.

GAP is mainly known as being a worldwide clothing and accessories retailer that was founded in the USA. GAP is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and Gap is its namesake banner. The company is the largest of all specialty retailers in America. It is also the third largest of specialty retailers in the international market.

GAP believes in equality for all those who work for their company. Therefore, their social efforts are something that is known, and one of the programs in particular for women is called P.A.C.E. P.A.C.E. permits women around the globe to take charge, dream way more significant, and unlock opportunities for themselves.

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