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Menards is known as being a family-owned company that is headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and has more than 300 home improvement stores in number located in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and other locations.

The company was founded by John Robert Menard Jr. in 1958. His chain of many mid-western home improvement stores sprouted up from an idea that had to provide agricultural buildings that were low cost to house stock and machinery.

Menards today has grown many times over and is considered to be, the retail home center leader in the Midwest with stores in 14 different states in America. Menards employs more than 45,000 people.

Menards offers numerous advantages to those who wish to work there. For instance, they do have dental insurance for both full-time and part-time employees. Once you’ve worked there a thousand hours, you’re eligible for profit sharing. These are just a few advantages.

People love working at Menards for two reasons. These reasons are it is a fun place to work, first of all, and secondly, they really care about employees. They offer lots of exceptional advancement opportunities for being employed there. Team members aren’t only friendly and provide outstanding service to customers. They also work in a clean shopping environment which the employees make possible.

How old do you have to be to work at Menards?

You should be 18 years of age to work at Menards. However, for the age of 16, carryout positions are permitted, and an employee can only work 8 hours a day each shift and no more than 20 hours a week.

Menards Careers

Menards is a growing company, and so are the job opportunities at this company. There are various career options available here for employees. Some of the various career options are in different areas such as a store, corporate, distribution, and manufacturing.

Cashier: Cashiers at Menards need to be fast, friendly, and all about excellent customer service. Accurate guest checkouts at the register are also a prerequisite for this position. Give customers the best quality service that they do expect.

Commercial Contractor/Sales: Commercial Contractor/Sales are employees who are very special in every way. They know precisely to have a comprehensive knowledge of all products and work closely with industrial, professional, and commercial guests.

Intern: A paid internship that provides a hands-on-training experience that is necessary to have a retail management position. The intern will develop stronger organizational, communication, and time management skills.

Manager Trainee: The Manager Trainee Program is second to none and employees will engage in a comprehensive on the job training program at any of the Menard store locations. After the training is done, the employee becomes eligible for promotions.

Human Resources: Human Resources employee does utilize all of his or her abilities to develop strong and professional relationships with numerous people. The applicant will enjoy working in a dynamic environment.

Sales/Guest Services: These employees answer guest questions and get training for specialized areas. These sales positions are available in a variety of departments. Some of the departments are no other than Building Materials, Hardware, and Plumbing.

Stocking: Stock employees work in the morning to make sure to have new freight on the shelves for guests. Scheduling is flexible with this kind of job and can be worked three to five days each week.

Shipping/Receiving: The employee is responsible for taking care of all the freight that comes into the business from the outside world. He or she will also help all guests to pick up their orders. They package orders, print labels, and weigh packages.

Accounting/Finance: The Accounting/Finance Department is what does create financial statements, analyzing general ledger accounts, The employee also creates and verifies any other financial reports.

Office Support: These kind of positions are jobs that do exist within the departments of the Corporate Office. The employee must be responsible for providing support to all Team Members. Some of the duties are filing, answering the phone, entering data, lots more.

Menards Application

Menards gives each applicant a choice when it comes to applying. You can apply online, or you can go into the store to fill out an application. There is also college campus recruiting events too.

You have the option of doing both for an application. You can go into one of the store locations, or you can use the online application tool to apply. Whatever choice you make, Menards is always looking for hard-working and goal-oriented people to work for them.

You file an application form for Menards by doing it in one of two ways. You can fill out an application on the web or physically go into one of their stores and fill out a form on site. The choice is up to you, either way.

You should always make sure that your resume is up to date and written in the best manner possible. This means being consistent, making it legible, and keeping it focused correctly. Creativity is also something you should do with a resume. Most importantly, a resume should be edited carefully and given a professional boost at times.

One thing you should do before an interview is some research on the company that you are applying for and get to know that company. Preparing for a job interview means putting all your best eggs in the basket and develop your responses ahead of time. The length of time and interview type for Menards features a fairly typical conversation that takes place between the store manager or supervisor and applicant.

Things To Know About Menards

Each business has its own defining style, and Menards is no different. Menards has a culture that makes it Menards. The culture can be described as being this. When you work at Menards, you do work. They’re about being all business, and that’s how they function. The business casual dress varies by position. Most do wear polos and khakis. Jeans are acceptable. Suits are very rarely worn here by employees.

One of the newsworthy events for Menards is the new store gets okay from the planning commission. The new Menards store location is in Bowling Green’s Campbell Lane, and Menards did clear a fence-sized hurdle for a 175,000 square foot store to be built.

Menards, the company, has more than 300 home improvement stores across the country and is known throughout the home improvement industry as being the low price leader.

Menards held a special three-day event to help Michigan residents to be able to plan their home improvement projects and locate home contractors who can aid them in successfully making their upgrades.

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